Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trimming the Tree With Cats

Christmas trees are tough to impossible to have with cats and dogs around. I certainly don't want anything delicate or glass that could get broken and hurt them. The cloth ornaments get eaten, and the wooden ones too. So, I gave up and just put up a plastic tree (why kill a tree for a holiday?). The cats like it because they love to climb around in it. Ophelia is pictured above, but every cat takes their turn climbing, and laying in the branches, popping in and out of various parts of the tree.

Some years I add lights, and I'm sure I could get away with typing ribbons on the tree - the cats would love that. But it's a lot of work without m Such reward - the plain tree looks very nice as it is and watching for glowing cat eyes or little cat heads to poke out from the branches is fun too.
So far they have only tipped the tree over once, and since we put it where it can't hurt anything if it falls, this isn't a big deal.

This year I thought about hanging a clothesline across the living room out of reach of the animals and hanging ornaments across it, or putting lights around the house, but at this point in time I don't feel like I have enough energy to do all that decorating and then undo it a month later, when I have a constant to do list that's at least two pages long as it is. Maybe next year, if I ever get ahead of what needs to be done.

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