Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nadia, the Lettuce Loving Cat

Nadia loves vegetables, which seems quite strange since she is a cat. She steals asparagus off our plates and lettuce out of our bowls. (Arugula is her favorite). Last night she went nuts over Spring Mix and wouldn't stop eating mine. She doesn't like dressing, just greens, and she was so hungry for them that she wouldn't relent, so I gave her a small bowl of her own salad. This is a photo of her enjoying it. When she doesn't get lettuce, she grazes on the houseplants. She has literally eaten a few of them to death. I don't know why she seems so interested in vegetables and greens when the other cats won't touch them. Strange little girl.


Anonymous said...

My Tallulah won't touch lettuce but goes crazy for fresh broccoli (which I don't like!). Of course, her healthy habits end there as she also has a thing for plain potato chips and vanilla ice cream (only one tablespoon since I'm sure that it's not good for her!)

Esmae said...

It's cool how clear cats can be about their preferences! Lizzie hates fish and loves anything dairy, especially cheese, and she loves hot dogs too. Ophelia loves salmon, even the skin. Oscar has a thing for salt and vinegar chips, and for running water as opposed to still. They are as different in their likes and dislikes as human kids only much easier and cheaper to feed!