Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Off to See Yellowstone in Winter

This is a winter photo of Yellowstone from the website. I've never seen Yellowstone in winter, so I decided to trek off this year and see if I can view some American wildlife instead of just African wildlife (the focus of all my recent trips, and the next upcoming one post Yellowstone).

We are going with the National Wildlife Federation, and so far the pre-trip materials and reading list have been impressive. I am looking forward to seeing whether we can view wolves, and seeing what else we come across in the way of wildlife. It will also be my first winter wildlife trip, so I'll get a chance to check out winter gear before heading off in the future to see polar bears and penguins. I'm sure it will be a big change from hiking in the equatorial rainforest! It should also be interesting to be in Yellowstone in the cold and just a few weeks later find myself in Southern Africa again. Another cool thing about this trip: rather than going alone, I'm going with my significant other (he's not a huge travel fan, but actually looking forward to this one).

I'm looking forward to snow-shoeing for the first time, and also dog-sledding! Hopefully I'll be back in early January with some great wildlife and trip photos, and tales of adventure (which hopefully will NOT include a shoulder dislocation in the remote wilderness!)

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