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Nadia Departs the World 6/26/18

We lost Nadia today.  I wasn't with her, and that makes me incredibly sad and a little guilty.  Really, I doubt I could have offered her much comfort, and my husband was with her, and a vet she knew.  But I had shared so much of her life, and so many times thought I'd be there at the end...and then I wasn't.  I thought about getting to her but it would take four hours, and there is no way I could justify having her suffer another four hours for my sake.  Never. So I didn't get to say goodbye.  Life and death are unpredictable, and that sucks sometimes.  Last time I was home she was there, and next time I am home, she won't be.
      I met Nadia when I was working with a local cat rescue group and had signed up to foster cats.  I was asked to go to a house in the North End of Boise, where a woman had found a thin stray cat that had just given birth to four kittens.  She had the cat and the kittens in a box at her house but could not keep them. I went and got t…

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