Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stunningly Good Guacamole

Barbacoa is one of Boise's newest restaurants, located on Parkcenter Blvd. where Jaker's used to be. We've been there twice now, one for a full meal, appetizers through dessert, and once to sort of sample a variety of appetizers and sides. Both trips, the standout was the guacamole, prepared table side. While it was good the first time, the second time is was stunningly good. We asked the name of the "guac preparer" and were told he was "Enrique" and he usually works Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. We will definitely be asking for him again, as he prepared bar none the best guacamole either of us has ever had. We are still talking about it a week later and longing to eat it again.

When you place your guacamole order, you wait for the preparer and his cart to come to your table after processing the other orders ahead of you. When the cart arrives, there is a coarse brown mixing bowl and various bowls and bottles of ingredients. We didn't turn down any ingredients offered and asked for a medium heat, not too spicy. The avocados were in excellent condition and I wondered where they obtained them, as I can't find that quality in the local grocery stores this time of year. Added to the mix are cilantro, jalapenos, onion, tomato, and some other things I can't recall. The chips that come with the guacamole are very good, but frankly that stuff is so good that if you had to, you'd eat it with a spoon!

Oddly enough, the rest of the menu is only so-so. The entrees are overpriced as far as I'm concerned and were nothing spectacular. While the restaurant decor is nice, the service is good, and the food is decent, the accompanying price tag ($120 for two with appetizers, entree and dessert, no alcohol) is excessive for what you get. (You could eat at Mortimer's, top of the line, for less). The menu is also sort of a strange mix of options, as though the chef couldn't decide whether to go with Southwest, South American, or Mexican. We did like the herb fries and the zucchini chips, particularly the latter. The other appetizers we tried were also good, better than the entrees.

Bring some cash so you can tip the guacamole person individually, as opposed to your waiter or waitress. I am happy that we found another vegan dish in Boise that is mouth-wateringly good. Five stars to the guacamole - take or leave the rest.

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