Sunday, November 4, 2007

Foster Kittens Are Ready, Part II

Although it is late in the season for kittens, there have been several litters at the Humane Society. I am fostering two litters for a total of six kittens. They have been with me a little over two weeks and they are ready to get spayed or neutered and adopted. They are listed on the Idaho Humane Society website if you want to read about them or call about adopting. My favorite is Cameron, the most outgoing, who gets into everything all the time and likes to talk a lot. He is adorable, I can't believe anyone can resist him. He's the one with white paws, an intense look at the camera, and white on his face - the rest of him is tabby.

It is always fun to have kittens. Though they make a mess, they are a joy to raise. I love watching their personalities develop. It's just a shame people don't spay and neuter and we end up with so many unwanted animals. Hopefully these little guys can all find good homes before winter.

The current batch of fosters is pictured here and in the previous post.

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