Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brunch in Boise??

For some reason I don't understand, it seems there is no decent Sunday brunch to be had here. I've lived in much smaller towns with good brunch selections, and it puzzles me why a city the size of Boise doesn't seem to have decent offerings. Is it because most people are in church Sundays? I don't get it. If Kearney, Nebraska can have a good Sunday brunch then Boise, Idaho certainly ought to have one.

Today I researched online as much as possible and called around to see if I could run down brunch options. A few places which said they had brunch turned out to be closed on Sundays, so they must have discontinued it. Which made me wonder: have places tried and failed to establish brunch? If so, why on earth did it fail?? Doesn't everyone love a good Sunday brunch?!? Disappointing offerings.

Here's all I was able to come up with for brunch options - if you know of others, please comment!!

1. Plaza Grill at the Owyhee Plaza downtown
2. Marie Callendar's on Fairview
3. Cottonwood Grill,

There's a new restaurant downtown at 8th & Main, City Grill, and they supposedly were going to offer brunch, but as they did not answer their phone or have a recording I couldn't find out for sure.

Decent breakfast options (though not a brunch buffet) include Boise Bungalow, which has a nice menu, and the old standby, Elmer's. I can't bring myself to wait in the Goldy's line downtown.


Roe said...

I just moved here from phoenix, and am just as disappointed as you in the breakfast and brunch offerings. We had a breakfast place in Mesa AZ T.C. Eggingtions that was just amazing. If you do find a good brekfast/brunch place please post about it as we'll all want to know about it. Also when my wife and I did wait in line at Goldies we were unimpressed. The service was really slow and the food was 2 stars out of 5. Maybe it was just an off day but we didn't see enough promise to make us try again.

Esmae said...

Thanks for the info on Goldy's. I've never wanted to wait and I am glad I am not missing out! I'll definitely post about a good place if I ever find one. Thanks for commenting.

Roe said...

Chef Lou's is so far the best brunch place my wife and I found.

Anonymous said...

The Red Feather has bottomless mimosas- always a good start, but the best brunch in Boise is at Grape Escape.

Anonymous said...

Louie's Italian (Fairview west of Eagle) has a great Sunday brunch. It's a full buffet with salads, pizza, biscuits and gravy, made to order omelets and waffles, fresh made baked goods (cinnamon rolls, cobblers, breads). I don't remember the price off the top of my head but it's reasonable.