Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lawn Art in Plaza, ND

We are back from a long road trip from Boise to Plaza, ND. Plaza is a very small town, and one in which you should not drink the water. (The smell of it alone lets you know that; the taste is indescribable). There is one main street with one flashing traffic light. On that main street there's a house with a lawn art display that I could not help laughing about every time we passed by. It has two wolves, along with two wolf pups, and they are apparently scaring a small raccoon, who has flung his arms in the air in surrender and/or fear. At least, that's what I got out of it. The expression on the faces of all of the statues are quite amusing, but my favorite is the raccoon. I'm not sure if they intend it to be serious or tacky or amusing...but I was definitely amused. Click on the scene to enlarge the photo for yourself, and I had to give you a raccoon close up as well. Naturally, I doubt you will make it to Plaza to see it in person but of course I know you would not want to miss this!

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