Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A No-Kill Shelter for Boise?

Northwest Animal Companions is trying to raise funds for a no-kill shelter in Boise, having received a donation of 200 acres of land to use. You can read about their plan and see a floorplan for the sanctuary here.

A local radio station, The River, is donating proceeds from "Concert for a Cause" to a charity, and Northwest Animal Companions is in the running. Please go here and take a moment to vote for Northwest Animal Companions before December 3rd. In things like this, even small numbers of voters can make a difference so please take a second to click and vote! Thanks in advance.

Boise currently has no sanctuary which is no-kill. The Idaho Humane Society policies require euthanization under certain conditions or at certain population levels and it is not realistic given their burdens and volumes to expect that to change anytime soon.

If you want to learn about no-kill facilities, the shining example of one is Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. They have outreach programs nationwide trying to teach people how to run no-kill shelters with success. I once tried to pay to send an Idaho Humane Society employee to the Best Friends seminars to get this information, but the offer was not accepted as they don't feel they are in a position to go no-kill. While I support the Humane Society and foster for them, and underrstand where they are coming from, I do believe this community can support a no-kill facility and I would love to help Northwest Animal Companions succeed.


Anonymous said...

This is simply not true. For well over a decade there was an organization called Just Strays that was no cage/no kill. Just strays recently over the past year or two has changed name and location and is now Simply Cats (no cage/no kill shelter for cats) and is located at 2833 S. Victory View Way, Boise, ID 83709. Please come and check us out!

Esmae said...

Thanks, and you're right, I should have said there isn't a no-kill facility locally that takes both dogs and cats. I appreciate what Simply Cats does, and Conrad Strays is also a no kill cat organization, though with very limited space in Middleton.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we've got limited space as well, currently there's a 3 month waiting list but that's the trade off for keeping the cats their whole lives (if they dont get adopted and most dont unfortunately). But I think awareness of us is picking up finally so each month there's more adoptions (only like 10-15 a month though) and as of now between the cats up for the adoptions and the dozens of sick/behavioral issue ones in the back there's well over 130 cats!