Friday, November 16, 2007

Organic Food Bars

For Madagascar I packed a variety of "power bars" to try and survive - and good thing I did. One of them was a clear standout above the others - the Organic Food Bar "Vegan" Bar. These bars are surprisingly good, and pretty healthy too. Several of the flavors they offer are actually vegan, and are labeled as such. If you haven't tried them yet, check them out! So far I've found them at the Co-Op in Boise and at the Vitamin Shoppe on Emerald. While they do cost a bit more, at least you aren't getting a bar packed with sugars. They make a nice breakfast when you get up late, a good snack for hiking, or a good post-workout pick me up. Check out their website by clicking above.

I'd love to get back to posting about wildlife, but I've been stuck in the City and haven't seen any lately!

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