Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Biggest Bee I've Ever Seen

I am very proud of this shot.  I had a hard time getting it!!  I was in near Velavadar National Park in Gujarat, India, and it was near 100 degrees.  I was sitting on the patio of my lovely room at the Black Buck Lodge, and I heard a very, very, VERY loud buzzing sound.  I looked over at a flower bush just off the patio to see several GINORMOUS bees.  I have been to Africa, where I saw some humungous bees.  This bee was like three of those giant African bees!  Seriously, I am not kidding you, this bee is the size of a ping pong ball!!!

I tried forever to get a photo - the bees are so fast flitting and it was a real challenge to focus on just the right spot and wait for a bee.  I tried and tried, even focusing on getting a bee shot instead of the mammals nearby (black buck and nilgai).  I finally got this shot - and I love it - but I noticed that it almost looks like a plastic bee!!!!  I assure you, it was very real!!!

I have no way to identify the species, but if some one knows, please let me know!

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