Monday, March 11, 2013

Barking Deer

I had my best sighting of barking deer in Corbett National Park. These deer are small and solitary and shy, typically running away as soon as you stop to look at them.  However, one day in Corbett I came across a female barking deer near the road licking some salt or minerals on the ground.  You can see the gorgeous forest with the little barking deer in the foreground, and then the cool facial coloring in the closer view.  This was the best view I had all trip of barking deer and I was really glad I got a chance to see the face up close.  I sat with her for about 15 minutes just watching her licking the forest floor and looking up at me, then going back to business.  I would say that her body size was like a medium dog, with long, thin legs.  Smaller than all the other deer I saw in India except fawns.

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