Saturday, March 16, 2013

Common Langur

This is a common langur, an interesting primate that I saw in every wildlife park I visited in India.  I really enjoyed watching them, though it was always hard to persuade my driver to stop for them.  They had a tough time understanding why I would want to watch monkeys when I could be looking for lions or tigers....but I like all animals and small primates are always fun to watch.  This particular langur was in Sasan Gir.

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Anonymous said...

I think I described the langur as the more attractive cousin of the vervet. And I found the langurs much more cooperative for photos.

Great variety of wildlife. Some real quality photos. I checked out the two tiger photos again. It's pretty much a tossup but I think I'd go with yours. It seems sharper to me.

I have thought about doing an experiement like you did--have a pro with the $40,000 of gear sit right next to me and we'd shoot the same stuff then compare.

I've been able to sort of do that kind of experiment. Sometimes people with obviously better equipment than I have share a vehicle with me and then we all swap photos. They beat me on a few shots, especially flying birds, but the majority are no better than mine. Often their composition is far below my photos. I'm not bragging because nobody is pounding on my door trying to buy my pictures, but I think my stuff compares often favorably with the big guns, similar to your comments. Of course when I look at work from the pros, like Vikram's brother Dickey, well there is no comparison.

I have some questions that I'll email you.

Aside from those horrendous incidents, you saw really good stuff. Any fears about missing out on the tiger were certainly put to rest!