Monday, October 19, 2009

Water Buffalo, and domestic livestock

Leaving Tortuguero requires a boat ride that is one to two hours.  Along the way, we passed by some water buffalo, which was very interesting.  They were laying in the cool waters - and I don't blame them:  it was hot.

We also saw a lot of Brahma cattle - some of whom were quite thin.  On the dirt road to get to the boat, there were fields with not only cattle, but plenty of horses, a few goats, and many chickens.  The rural lifestyle was interesting to see.  The ranchers make fences with sticks of a certain type of wood that, when planted as just a stick, sprouts and grows into a tree.  You can tell how old the fence is because the older ones are trees and they look like someone just ran a fence along a row of mature trees.  The younger ones look just like sticks or branches - and there is a lot of variety inbetween.

I also observed a lot of birds - all sizes, colors and shapes - though I couldn't tell you what any of them were.  Our guide for this portion of the trip sucked, so I didn't learn much about the animals from him.

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