Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spider Monkeys

We saw Spider Monkeys playing in the trees and on the vines in Tortuguero, including a mother with a baby on her back that I did not get a good shot of.  I find monkey photography to be very hard as monkeys move quickly, the lighting is always bad, and there is rarely enough time to focus well.  You get a lot of blurry shots and monkeys shapes that are not clear.  I would love to get a facial close up, but when they are on the move this is about impossible.

We also saw White Faced Capuchins but had no time to get any photos at all, as the monkeys were on the move and going into the trees, and being in a boat, we could not follow.

I had hoped to see Squirrel Monkeys in Costa Rica as well, but that did not happen fur us.  Next time!

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