Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unicorn Beetle

On the road to Tortuguero we passed a Del Monte banana processing plant, which was very interesting, and outside of it there was an old man with a cart of coconuts.  He would, for a dollar, slice off one end and insert a straw so you could drink the coconut juice.  There was no water available, and I wanted to support him, so i got one.  (Not very good, actually).  The interesting thing on his cart though was this unicorn beetle.  He had a couple of them, who were munching on sugar cane. He only spoke Spanish, and mine is rusty, but we tried to communicate a bit.  I asked if the beetles had names but all he replied was "Beetle" so I am betting not.

At this stop I also had my first encounter with biting Costa Rican ants.  Ouch!!!  Not a good idea to wear Tevas.  Before I really knew what was happening they got some good bites in, and they stung for a long time.

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