Friday, October 9, 2009

Iguana Eye

I'm back from Costa Rica.  I was using up some frequent flier miles and decided to go there as it has always been on my list of places to see.  I was warned that it was the very height of rainy season and a bad time to go, but having traveled in rainy season in Africa, that did not discourage me or my traveling companion.  Low season offers better rates and is rarely as bad as predicted.  Costa Rica in low season was awesome!!!  While it rained off and on, it was mostly sunny, and we only got caught out in rain twice - only once during a planned activity.  So we were lucky - we usually were the only ones or one of a few people for each activity we did.  Most were groups of 4 or 6 - 8 was the biggest group we had to do anything with, and that was great.  Nothing was crowded and we were able to go farther on limited funds than in high season, as well as I think have a better travel experience overall.

While I did not see as much wildlife as I had hoped - I did learn about Central American wildlife viewing enough to know how to see more next trip, and I saw an introduction.  Most wildlife centric trips cost more than the one we elected to take, though we emphasized it as much as we could.  It was a nice mixture of seeing things and adventure and a much needed break.

As always, I'll try and pick and share my favorite photos of the trip here, and animal stories. (I review the hotels and restaurants on TripAdvisor).  Today's installment is a close up of an iguana we saw in Tortuguera, on the Carribean side of Costa Rica.  Overall that was my favorite spot we visited as it was the most remote and we saw the most wildlife.  There were a lot of small lizards there as well as some quite large ones.  We saw one that was a few feet long climbing a tree, which I'd not seen before.

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