Sunday, October 18, 2009

Howler Monkeys

We saw - and heard - Howler monkeys in Tortuguero.  We heard the monkeys more often than we saw them, calling with deep screams which I found to be surprisingly different in tone and quality than calls of chimpanzees.  They sounded closer to gorilla sounds, actually - though the calmer of the gorilla sounds.

Several times we did see them from the boat we used to drive around the waterways in Tortuguero.  We heard them hiking near Arenal volcano, but did not see them there.  In Monteverde Cloud forest, we saw them at a distance through a spotting scope and watched them eating ripe figs and playing with each other, surrounded by flies.  Certainly it was nice to see some New World monkeys, and I enjoyed hearing them very much - though hated, as always, the stupid people who try and imitate their calls.

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