Thursday, April 24, 2008

Menagerie Update

Things have been hectic to the point of overwhelming, so it's been awhile - sorry. We finished pet sitting for Shayla, Pumpkin and Axel. They were definitely a handful. Shayla wanted to move up in the pack, so she challenged Callie. Axel didn't know "stay" or "come" and wasn't house trained yet so he was a cutie but also a handful. Pumpkin was well-behaved but inflicted some wounds trying to climb my back a few times.

Sarah, the chicken pictured above, is the boss and is sort of mean. I have been working hard to get the chickens to get along without fighting. I am pleased to report that it is going very well. For two nights now they have slept in the same coop and started foraging together a little bit. Unfortunately, there are only four chickens now - Athena, Gwen, Sarah and Samantha. There was an accident that resulted in Gloria no longer being with us, which is very sad. At least she was happy while she was here.

This weekend the backyard was getting tall so I let the goats and the he horses and the chickens mow it down. The goats loved the back deck and played on the deck and the picnic table. Here is a photo of the goats and horses in the backyard, having some fun.

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