Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back From Portland

I took Callie to Northwest Veterinary Associates to see a neurologist, Dr. Kroll. I was impressed with him and pleased that we found a specialist since Idaho has no neurologist yet. Unfortunately, we still do not know what is going on. Callie did get a spinal tap and some bloodwork and we will get the results, but basically we were advised to tape any future episodes she has on video. I do not think this is a form of partial epilepsy, I think that 20 minute "episodes" are not seizures, and I think there is something very specific that affects the right side of Callie's body. Also, since her first "epidose" had her in the ER with neurological symptoms for over 4 days I cannot believe it would be epilepsy. But, I am not a neurologist - and apparently, even if I were, I would not have any answers.

"Idiopathic epilepsy" appears to be what they say when they don't know what is wrong - but so far her doctors aren't saying that. I think her level of care is good and we have the best professionals we can on the case. Any additional info we get and anything we can rule out gets us a little farther towards finding out what is wrong. We're going to learn this week if there is inflammatory disease or tick borne disease.

I have come around to the view that as long as Callie has a happy life that's all that matters - if it ends up shorter than hoped or punctuated by weird episodes she recovers from, we'll deal with that - as long as she is happy. For now we'll try and stay with her as much as we possibly can, keep a camera at the ready, and install a kid gate at the top of the stairs so she can't take a tumble. And, of course, enjoy every second we have with her.

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