Monday, April 7, 2008

Green Eggs, No Ham

Samantha and Sarah looked pretty lonely free ranging in the pasture, and there's safety in numbers. So yesterday I increased the flock to a total of five. Here are two of the newbies, from Emmett. They are Ameraucanas, and they lay green eggs. So far they have laid one - and even that is a surprise since the stress of moving usually puts off egg laying a few days. Here are photos. So far they are unnamed and the darker one is my favorite. The fifth (and final) chicken came from Kuna, where she was being picked on and fighting with the rest of the flock, one hen in particular. She is an Ameraucana mix, and supposedly lays green eggs too. She is a bit shy so far and a very pretty golden color. Photo in the days to come; her name is Gloria. So far they are in three groups and will be integrated slowly to make sure they get along.

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