Thursday, April 3, 2008

Free at Last! and Footprints

Samantha (who now lets me pet her) and Sarah (who still won't) clearly were tired of the chicken coop. So I decided, even though there is no chicken tractor, to let them free range today. I was pretty confident the fence improvements and the daytime would keep fox and coyote and raccoon at bay and that no stray dogs can get in. As for the cats, well Oscar and the chickens have to meet sometime. May as well be on a nice day when I am around to supervise.

I opened the coop door and the chickens looked out it, stretching their heads out - then they hopped out and began to scratch around. As they scratched, roamed and pecked I have to admit they looked happier than I have ever seen a bird. When evening came, they hopped back in the coop. In the meantime, they went in and laid two eggs for me at some point. I took a picture, but Samantha wasn't standing still at the time.

The kitchen remodel is coming along with close supervision from the cats. Today the drywall got done, leaving a bunch of white drywall dust. I could clearly see that kitty inspections had taken place from the kitty footprints that wound through the kitchen into the front room (sample above).

While I was painting the laundry room Oscar appeared on the other side, with his paws on the glass. I am not sure which one of us was more surprised. Remodeling anything without cats must just suck. They add layers of fun to absolutely every aspect.

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