Sunday, March 9, 2008

Well, ummmm, there's two more

Edwin and Arthur are so cute and so much fun, I couldn't resist taking in Lola and Billy too. Lola and Billy are about two and are brother and sister Pygmy goats. I thought they'd be smaller than the Nigerian Dwarf goats, but they aren't. In fact, Billy (black) is really chunky and doesn't even fit through the goat house door. (Yes, the brand new goat house will have to be modified). They are fatter and rounder but about the same height as Arthur and Edwin. They have curved horns instead of straight, another difference between the breeds.

They are all learning to get along, playing king of the mountain and playing some head butt games. So far they all seem very happy. Lola (cream colored) was shy at first but now she is feeling pretty comfortable. Every evening I give them all a tummy massage which they seem to love. I also brushed Billy as he has a woolly undercoat coming out. He seemed to really, really like that.

Buster is fine with the goats. Esmae is temperamental. She chases them off her food and sometimes asks them to move away. Goats seem to speak horse language well. I am introducing the dogs to the goats only across the fence, trying to make sure they know they are NOT supposed to chase, herd or bark madly at them. So far that is actually going well. I think the goats can tell the dogs to get lost, but if they run the dogs will probably chase them so I am trying not to let that happen.

Callie did great at agility class today. It was really, really, really fun to run with her again. She sailed over jumps and did great. She also made a few errors and lost focus once, but we haven't done it in a long while so I think overall she deserves an A-. Simon didn't do as well, so I have to take time to practice with him. It isn't fair to expect him to do well without doing homework; Callie can get away with it.

It's been so much fun mini-ranching this weekend, working on fences and having a HERD to take care of, gathering Sarah's eggs, hanging out with all the animals, I really hate the thought of going back to work. I look forward to the day we can leave the city behind and have a real ranch, including pigs and sheep and cows and ducks and anything else that needs a home. :)

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