Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Alot of Pet Updates

Annie has been here almost a week. It seems like months since I've gotten so little sleep and spent so much time fending off puppy teeth. She's at her cutest when resting, like in this photo in a box in her crate (she likes the cave effect). There is no question she is very smart and I hope she finds a home that can handle her because she's a handful!! My productivity revolves around her nap schedule.

Unfortunately, Callie had another weird neurological episode on Saturday and she was drooling, glassy eyed, not using one leg, and shaking, with her head at a weird tilt. She also got some scrapes on her head, I think from trying to go under the new goat fence. So once again she got raced to the ER and had to get admitted for the night. She is scheduled for an MRI and a spinal tap tomorrow to see if we can find out if there is a brain tumor or anything else visable going on in her amazingly intelligent doggie brain. Naturally this is more than a little worrisome, and I'm trying not to think about it. The tests may tell us nothing, but at least we can rule a few things out if that's the case.

Sarah and Samantha appear to be settling in and enjoying having a lot of space in the coop they shared with three or four other chickens until a few days ago. They got some fresh spinach, some corn grain, chicken pellets, oyster shells and fresh water. Yesterday they gave me two eggs. Although I know eggs come from chickens, this seemed like a small miracle. One minute the eggs are not there, and then they are. So we had fresh eggs for dinner last night. It's been a really long time since I've eaten an egg. I have to say, these were better than store bought. The shells were much harder and the taste was deeper somehow.

Edwin seems to be feeling better. He and Arthur love tummy massages. Last night I tried to get Edwin to take some probios, which I read might help, but he was not interested. Arthur had some. I left some in the pen and it was gone this morning, so hopefully Edwin gave in and ate up. I also gave them baking soda and spinach and a teeny bit of corn grain. They are pretty cute; I like them. Today I tried to let them out into the pasture to run around, but Edwin got through a space so small I realized I have to reinforce the fences more than I thought before they can roam! They eat next to no hay compared to the horses. Clearly they are very bonded and get upset if separated even by a fence.

Oscar's stomach rash is getting better, so although I still don't know the cause, the steroid cream did the trick somehow.

Elsie the foster cat got adopted from her showcase at Petsmart and supposedly found a good permanent home of her own. I hope so; she is a sweet cat.

The horses are curious about the goats and were laying next to them across the fence yesterday. Edwin was loose with them for a few minutes this morning and jumped up as though to head butt Buster. Buster just looked at him.

So, it seems like there is a lot going on at the moment. In the big picture, I'll tear myself away from the pet kids to tune into election results tonight which should be really interesting! In the immediate future though I just like hanging out with the animals, all 12 of them.

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