Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oscar Mans the Chicken Coop

Oscar and Callie are both fascinated with the chickens but Oscar is small enough to lay on top of the coop. He seems to spend a good deal of time staring down at the chickens as they cluck up at him. Despite the observation, Sarah laid yet another egg.

It was a busy day. Annie got spayed and promptly ripped her incision open and had to be taken back in - then kept calm (yeah, right!). This meant errands to get her toys and time spend shuffling her around to make sure she didn't get the stitches wet with the rain, etc. She also met with a family to see about adoption. They say they want her so we'll see if they do the paperwork; if so Annie will leave tomorrow.

The horses and goats got their hooves trimmed today, which was a first for Billy and Lola I think. They were scared but I was able to calm and hold them down okay.

I think it would be wonderful to have a farm or ranch and have life revolve around animal care instead of having it be the thing I enjoy doing when not working.


Roe said...

My wife and I say the same thing every day. I am a falconer here in Boise, not sure if I mentioned that, so I tend to find a greater pull to the outdoors than my current job allows. Someday I hope to find a way to live a much more simple life away from most people, just my birds and other animals and the mountains!

BTW, where did you find plans for that chicken coop, or did you just know how to build one? If I get a place with a little land I'll definitely do something similar.

Esmae said...

I found the chicken coop on Craigslist and bought it immediately. I had been looking at plans online and I couldn't buy the materials for the price they wanted, and it was great for a small coop. It's 12' x 4', an A frame that opens on both ends and in the middle. I had to reinforce the chicken wire against predators and I set it on some ranch panel so animals can't dig under. Overall it works well. On one end there is a shelf for nesting and a heat lamp, and I collect the eggs from there. If this goes well, I'll try raising two chicks next spring.

I didn't know about the falconer aspect but that is very interesting! I would love to learn more about that so let me know if you have a blog or photos somewhere.

Isn't it weird that for centuries people worked to get off the farm and we work to try and get back to it? I often think about that as I spend my weekends on manual labor fixing fences or something. It's ironic I spent so much on an education so I could avoid manual labor and now I spend all my free time doing farmish manual labor that I love!!

Roe said...

Sure, I have several blogs. The first is related to my falconry since I transplanted to Boise in august.

And the second is the blog I wrote about falconry in Phoenix.

Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns you have related to falconry and I'll hapilly answer them at this email, or of course you can post comments.