Friday, March 7, 2008

Edwin & Arthur Settle In

Edwin (cream colored) appears to be feeling well now. Both goats are settling in well. The fences and gates are being reinforced as the goats can get through a SMALL space. For now they are in their pen most of the day and in the evening I let them out to run around. They are fun to watch. They run really fast and head butt each other and run around the horses. I am looking forward to being able to let them out all day and just tuck them in at night. I'm sure they will like it better that way too. The LOVE their house, and they seem happy to see me every time I visit.
This week has been busy at the "ranchette." We had contractors fixing irrigation pipe all week and also men working on the fences. Annie the puppy keeps things humming too.

Getting the goats and chickens settled in has also been interesting. I washed the chicken feeder and waterer, replaced the white heat lamp with a red one so the chickens sleep better, and got a heated water bowl for them so the water doesn't have to sit near the lamp at night. I am also going to put a roosting stick in the coop for them. A chicken tractor is being built that will let them move around the pastures.

After this week I'll try and move beyond the domestic animals and back to bigger issues. But it's nice to focus on the home front for awhile.

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