Sunday, March 2, 2008

Meet Edwin & Arthur

Nigerian Dwarf goats are supposed to make good pets and get along well with other animals. Hopefully that's true because Edwin (cream colored) and Arthur (black) have joined the family. They are eight month old twins, raised by a family in Nampa which took very good care of them. However, Edwin apparently wasn't feeling well this morning. He arrived this afternoon and appears a bit bloated, so I am worried about that and sort of getting a crash course in goat care as best I can via the Internet.

These goats are both wethers (neutered males). This week we had a special house made for them that is 6' at the front and 4' at the back. It has a built in bench to climb on, ventilation, windows, mineral block, salt lick and hay feeder. It's lined with straw and the front is hinged for easy cleaning. I designed it after reading some plans and suggestions online. The goats also have a pen with a gate they can use and the horses can't. The pen is lined with a "curb" of old fence posts to keep the dogs from trying to go under (after one did try).

I've not had goats before so we'll see how the experiment goes. The theory is that they will weed the pastures, as the horses don't and the weeds get tout of control. Buster was very curious about the goats. Esmae seemed uninterested. I'll give them some time to get acquainted before letting the horses and goats mingle without a separating fence.

Hopefully Edwin will make a speedy recovery; I'm a bit worried.

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