Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wall Snorkel

Here are some photos from one of the cool "wall" snorkels we did, where there is basically an island wall of rock that falls off into the ocean and then slopes out in a few places to a bit of reef.  Although I didn't get a photo, as soon as I dropped in the water here I saw a black tip shark going by in the deeper area at the bottom of the wall.  It was neat how fish "hug" the wall in so many places.


Here is an above surface look at the wall area.  Basically it's like a limstone block that seems made up of a million old shells and barnacles and has mangroves growing on top. 

My attempt at an over/under shot here:

There were colorful fish all along the wall at every depth it seemed.

An example of a lovely fan coral we saw on this snorkel.

 Cool wall hugging orange fish that flowed in little streams around every corner of the rock.

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