Monday, June 23, 2014


Pipefish are very small and thin, thinner than a pencil.  They have a flat fin-like tail and a delicate face and nose that looks very similar to a seahorse.  In fact, overall they look like stretched out seahorses.  At first they were hard to notice, as they are so small, and blend in well with the sea sand or coral.  Again, if not for our guides, I would have missed these little pipefish.  I loved watching them swim and I quickly learned that they are usually found in pairs, so if you find one, look for the other one.  These little guys were one of the first things I learned to spot on my own, and we came across at least a few on nearly every snorkel.  Obviously, they are easiest to see when the coral is more shallow.  There is a delicate red coloration on the nose/face of most of the pipefish I saw.


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