Sunday, June 22, 2014

Manta Rays

The first snorkel we took in Raja Ampat was to snorkel with three manta rays.  Previously, I saw mantas off the Big Island in Hawaii, but that was a night snorkel, and lights were on the sea to draw plankton.  The mantas were attracted and one could see them - but there were many other people snorkeling, as well as divers below and a ton of bubbles as a result.  It was cold and night as well.

In Raja Ampat, as soon as I dropped in the water a manta swam less than 4 feet below me.  I was still learning the camera on this snorkel, and most of the time the mantas were quite deep compared to the rest of the snorkeling.  Thus, these photos are not the best....but I did manage to get a few pictures.  That morning we swam for some time with three mantas.  I never got a photo of them rolling, which was very cool to see.  It was a very neat experience - much more remote than Hawaii, and far better as far as I am concerned.


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