Monday, June 23, 2014

Banded Sea Snake

I was a bit afraid of running into banded sea snakes in Indonesia, as they are highly venomous.  Supposedly there is enough venom to kill a person in one bite - it's 10x more toxic than rattlesnake venom.  However, they have small mouths and therefore it is supposed to be hard to bite humans.  I didn't find this encouraging, however.  Then, I saw one.

I was on an afternoon snorkel and I saw the snake popping in and out of the coral.  They have to go to the surface to breathe, and it was probably about 2-3 feet under the surface.  I was THRILLED.  The snake was about 2 feet from me, and I had to try hard not to let the current move me too close.  I was able to get a few photos and watched as the snake swam under, then past me.  I wish I had stayed with this snake even longer - it was one of my favorite finds of the trip.  (There was just always so much to see, and one didn't want to get too far from the guide/small group, so you can't stay too, too long at any one find).  I fell madly in love, then and there, with sea snakes.  They are gorgeous, graceful, beautiful creatures.  There is a bright yellow portion near the mouth.  I watched this snake swim and it was just mesmerizing. What an awesome creature. 


I ended up seeing three of these snakes during the trip, but this was my first and favorite sighting.  I no longer fear them and I was always very grateful, and lucky, to find one.  I hope I see these again.

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