Friday, August 31, 2007

Ophelia's Woes

Ophelia the cat has come a long way. She started out anti-social and now she loves attention, as long as it's on her terms. She refused to open her eyes for this photo, but I really like it anyway.

She's been very assertive lately. We were out of wet food and it took me a few days to get to the store. She's been lecturing, throwing herself on the laptop, cuddling on my lap, sleeping on the bed, and generally doing everything she can to get attention.

I'm packing for Madagascar and the pets know this means I'll be gone. All the cats take turns climbing into the luggage and looking at me woefully. Callie shadows my every move, in hopes she can keep me from sneaking off away from her. Even Simon seems to always be laying nearby. This gives me extra guilt over leaving them. I hate that I can't check on them while I'm halfway around the world. Fortunately, I trust my boyfriend to take care of them. But still.


Happy Planet said...

When I was a little girl, I had a cat that my family named "Kit". Ophelia is the spitting image of her. When I find my old photo album from the 60's, I'll scan and email you a pic.
Thanks for sharing about Ophelia, she's got some personality !!

Esmae said...

That would be cool, I look forward to seeing it!