Sunday, August 26, 2007

Near Riverton, WY

Recently I was in the middle of Wyoming, near Riverton, so I went to Castle Gardens. This is a rock formation sort of in the desert, and the site of ancient Indian petroglyphs in the rocks. There was no one there when I went, which was nice. It's about an hour east of Riverton.

The petroglyphs were interesting, but unfortunately marred by all the idiots who carved their own drawings, initials and so forth next to the Indian carvings. Why would you come across ancient, irreplaceable art and want to carve your initials next to it? More human stupidity I have to shake my head at, as I'll surely never understand it.

I saw a very large bird nest, rabbits, chipmunks and deer nearby. Above three white-tail deer are pictured, as well as a cottontail rabbit. Overall this was an interesting excursion and if you ever find yourself stuck near Riverton, it'll kill some time.

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Arlinda said...

I know Riverton very well, you were there a month after I was. There is a back road from Riverton to Jefferey City that is very pretty and not many people travel. When I went thru they had finally tared the road, for which I find it sad. Years ago in the 70's it was a dirt road and you could stop and back pack around without anyone bothering you. Arlinda