Friday, June 17, 2016

Snorkeling in the Phillipines: Nalusuan

Our most recent trip was the Phillipines, with a focus on snorkeling.  I was hoping for turtles and sea snakes, and got plenty of both!  Although the snorkeling wasn't as amazing as Raja Ampat in Indonesia, it was pretty great!  Very good snorkeling, with nice water temperatures, and affordable accommodations.  We flew to Manila and then took a domestic flight to Cebu.  Our first snorkel spot was Nalusuan.  This is a small marine sanctuary, and a popular daytrip destination from Cebu.  We stayed at Nalusuan Island Resort so we could snorkel when the daytrippers were gone.  Here are some of the underwater sights.

Huge angelfish.

 Super-colorful fish in a variety of sizes.
 Coral covered in tiny blue, flitting fish.
 A blue striped anemone fish peeks out.
 A wrasse cleaning station, working on a very big-eyed big fish.
Convict fish.  Some fish in this location were biting - not sure if it was these or not but it was where they gathered.  It caused me to cut short a snorkel.
Despite beautiful conditions, each morning we snorkeled here we heard underwater explosions.  Dynamite fishing is still used, which is shocking.  This was a very small sanctuary.  I can't believe anyone would want to dynamite anything anywhere near here.
 A fish with a unicorn like spike on its head.
 Toothy, long, thin, and always near the surface.
 Big grouper here.
An unusual starfishy thing.
 Although I always saw these adorable pipefish in pairs in Indonesia, I only saw solos in Phillipines:
 No matter how many colors, sizes and variations of anemone fish I see, I enjoy them all!
 Not a great capture but I was trying to show the teeeeny babies; parent on the right, baby on the left.

Believe it or not, the snorkeling only got better after Nalusuan!  I will try to get photos up from the other destinations before too long.  I would not hesitate to go back to the Phillipines!!

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Jacalyn Hopp said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! It looks like there was a lot to see. Beautiful fish & anemones.