Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sea Turtles at Apo Island Marine Sanctuary

Apo Island is supposed to be one of the few places it is basically guaranteed you can snorkel with wild sea turtles.  There is a small marine sanctuary there, which requires a small fee and a guide.  The guide spoke minimal English and the sanctuary was surprisingly small.  We saw a few tourists in life jackets holding onto floating rings being towed by a guide, so apparently swimming isn't even a requirement here to see the turtles.  We waited until most of the day trippers were gone and walked over from where we were staying on the island.  The water was a bit murky, but sure enough, there were plenty of turtles to be seen in this small area.  Supposedly there are five species of turtles you can see here, but the guide didn't speak enough English to convey which species we saw - as best I can tell they were green possibly and hawksbill turtles.  Although we saw turtles many places in the Phillipines, the largest were in this Apo Island Marine Sanctuary.

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