Saturday, June 18, 2016


We saw both a red and a black lionfish in the Phillipines, both at Balicasag, which is an island that has a government operated dive resort.  We stayed there because you can snorkel offshore.  There were a surprising number of villages nearby, and there is only a small area that is marine sanctuary, but it is a larger area than we found elsewhere.  The snorkeling was beautiful, with shallow areas as well as a lovely, deep wall that goes basically all around the island.  Snorkeling here was excellent - despite the large number of daytrippers and boats, we always had space to ourselves.

The first snorkel, a vibrant red lionfish:
 The next day, a black lionfish - harder to photograph.
When you see these in Panama or the Carribean, they are invasive and they cull them.  (I won't forget seeing a diver spear one, even though I try...)  I know they are invasive there and need to be eradicated in those areas, but it is still so tragic - it is hardly the fish's fault some moron released them into waters where they don't belong.  They are a gorgeous fish.  It's lovely to see them in Indonesia and the Phillipines because there they are indigenous and not invasive, so no one is trying to eliminate them. 

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