Saturday, December 13, 2008

Save Some Sheep

Bighorn sheep lived plentifully in Idaho at one time, and today there are about 2,000 in the State. Researchers attribute the sharp decline in population to contact with domestic sheep and contracting domestic diseases, for which of course wild sheep are not vaccinated. The Payette National Forest is currently accepting public comments on management alternatives for long term solutions. Providing disease free areas for bighorn sheep can be accomplished by closing grazing to domestic sheep where contact between species is likely. You can contact the Payette National Forest and urge them to adopt management alternative 7E, which according to the Sierra Club best reduces the risk of disease transmission from domestic to big horn sheep in the Payette National Forest. Send your comments by December 26th to Payette National Forest, Attn: Bighorn Sheep Comments, 800 W. Lakeside Ave., McCall, ID 83638 or email them to This photo of a Big Horn Sheep (Male), Near Jasper, Alberta was taken in October 2007 by Alan D. Wilson and can be reused when properly attributed.

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