Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dry Dock for the Rainy Season

These are some pictures of a "dry dock" I put in a few years ago at my farrier's suggestion; a place where the horses could get out of the mud in winter. At his recommendation I put in red cinder, which is like red volcanic rock ground up. It works like a nail file on the horses feet and makes them strong (they don't wear shoes). I like it better than gravel, way better than dirt, but it has some downsides: it gets dusty in summer. It also gets tracked out of the dock into the pasture. But it is cheaper than sand, and weeds don't grow in it. The bad news is that it's time to add more red rock - and the mine has closed down as the mine owner passed away. It's in Canyon County. So, if anyone knows where to get some of this is the treasure valley, let me know!

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