Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tasman Peninsula Ecocruise II

Southeastern Tasmania's rugged coast was a great setting for a three hour ecocruise along the Tasman peninsula. We saw two kinds of fur seals, cormorants (pictured), a swimming penguin, albatross and some seabirds. The night before, we could not get the Gilligan's Island theme song out of our heads.

We had seas that I expect were not considered too rough, but that said, we both were nearly seasick by the end. Taking photos was hard with the roll of the ship and the presence of other people. The sea spray and wind were chilly. The roll of the boat was rough - granted we sat in row three and got a lot of action - but it was nearly too much even with anti-seasick meds.

The cruise was gorgeous though - stunning rock cliffs and rock formations, little tiny rocky islands, huge booming waves, blowholes, marine life. The cruise operator was high on safety and worked to get us all a good view. In addition to these wildlife photos I posted two scenery pics below, and tomorrow I'll post the same coast from land so you can see a different view. Really gorgeous!

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