Monday, July 21, 2008

Tasman Peninsula Coastline

Walking along the coast of the Tasman peninsula offered fantastic views of the rugged coastline. As usual, the Aussie time limits on how long the walk would take were off by about half, but all the same, these were easy walks and a pleasant passage of time. There were incredibly high rock sea cliffs, supposedly the world's tallest in some places. In several places the rock was carved into archways, a few of which we explored the next day on the Tasman Ecocruise of yesterday's post.

In addition to the cliffs, the beach offered some interesting and new formations. There is rock that is naturally carved by the water into what looks like tile - nearly perfect geometric shapes of rock with water running off the crevices that create tile like lines.

There were also spikes of rock standing where the waves had carved away softer rock, and some of these spikes were 200 feet tall - which looks pretty cool. The Tasman peninsula was one of my favorite parts of the trip. While we didn't see much wildlife here except the marine life on the ecocruise, we did see that and the stunning coastline was very memorable, and so pretty it was like being in a movie.

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