Monday, October 15, 2007

White Ruffed Brown Lemurs

Nosy Mangabe is home to white-ruffed brown lemurs. The males have white around their faces, while the females do not. There is a small group of these lemurs who hang around the campsite. Apparently they have been fed before, or at the very least, learned how to steal. It's a shame - lemurs do much better on a natural diet than one containing food provided by man. While I did not feed them, this didn't prevent them from begging and coming very, very, very close to try and steal some food (especially when we were eating fruit).

They also liked to sit above my tent or on the roof of the picnic areas. Pictured here is a couple, a male and a female. Because they came very close, I was able to observe them at close range. They are still "wild" technically, but clearly they are habituated to humans and they are hoping for handouts.

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