Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bamboo Lemurs

Also at Andasibe I got a chance to see Bamboo Lemurs. I found these twice, and once I was only about six feet away, so I was able to get a very close look at them. I find these little guys just adorable!

The sound they make is like a very, very small kitten meeping. It's not a meow, it's more like a meep. It's clearly made by a very small, very cute creature. I really enjoyed listening to them. Generally they can be found in small family groups. Not surprisingly, they like to hang out in bamboo, eating the new leaves. There are several types of bamboo lemurs, and they are also known as "gentle lemurs."

They can move very quickly, and the way they jump is interesting. It's a very upward movement, followed by some downward, sort of like a popcorn kernal popping up and falling back into the bowl.

It would not be at all difficult to spend half a day enjoying these little lemurs - if it weren't for the fact other tourists would show up and make annoying noises at them.

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