Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Hard to Find, Teeny Chameleon

Brookesia chameleons, also known as stump-tailed chameleons, are very, very small and therefore hard to find. They hang out on the ground in leaf litter. I found one (rather, my guide did) in the rainforest on Nosy Mangabe. Here is a photo of me holding it, as well as the leaf he (or she) was on. These chameleons play dead when frightened, a trick this one demonstrated for me after awhile when I was returning him/her to the forest floor. This was a very cool find, and one of the smallest chameleons I saw, if not the smallest. For more about brookesias, see here.

Also pictured is a third rainforest frog photo. As you can tell, I was very enthused by the frogs. You may even have to put up with future posts about them, because there were more cool ones before the trip was over and some of them I got decent photos of.

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