Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Penguin Highways & More Ice

Genoo penguin colony, from above
   The next day we had a more natural landing site, one with penguin highways to their colony.  My husband snowshoed up above the colonies, over terrain on which crampons would have been more appropriate. I stayed below and experimented with various positions in the snow, trying to find a good way to capture the penguins and their funny movement as they went up and down the highways.

     I tried to capture the penguins waddly movements going up the hill:
     This male has a very big rock as a gift for a girl he is seeking to mate and nest with.
A very dirty penguin
      A Weddell seal lounged at the base of (and sometimes across) the penguin highways.
    I wanted to get a little video of the seal moving along, slowly - sometimes blocking the highways.  I love the way they move.
   Some views of the landing site from above, various angles.
Another introvert penguin, striking out alone
Colonies photographed from above
      A zodiac ride offered lots of views of icebergs, but again, no wildlife.  Still, stunning beauty.

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