Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tonga's "Blowhole Coast"

One of the sights that the taxi drivers of Nuku'alofa were pushing was "the blowhole."  We had little interest in seeing a blowhole - having seen many and having super limited time on the island, but I eventually said ok to it as it was on the way to the bats, supposedly.  This was actually an undersell by the taxi drivers - it isn't a blowhole.  It is a COAST of blowholes.  The entire coast as far as you can see each direction has multiple blowholes, and this is actually very cool to see.  Photos, as usual;, do no justice to it, but I tried all the same to capture a bit.

There is a platform to stand on and take photos (albeit you have to ignore the hawkers set up to try and sell you needless knick-knacks).  The photo above is looking to my left - blowholes all along the coast, I can't lean out far enough to get them all in a photo.

Looking the other direction, with bad light as a result, the same was true - blowholes as far as one could see.

A moment of calm before the next wave.

Probably this last one is my favorite shot - the water crashing on the gorgeous, terraced coast was mesmerizing and it would be easy to stay a long time here, if it weren't for intense sun, a cab driver waiting to move on, and the lurking hawkers wanting to engage and sell handicrafts.  Overall, I was glad we made this stop, and if I were in charge of marketing I would call it the Blowhole Coast vs. "the blowhole." For some unknown reason all along the coast the driver claims there is just this one point you can actually see it - no other pull outs.  That seems silly!  But then, who knows if it was true; the cab driver info on Tonga seemed inherently unreliable.

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