Friday, October 23, 2015

"Fishing Pigs"

One of the things to see in Tonga listed in most guidebooks is "fishing pigs." Of course, I always try and see animals above anything else, and so in our brief stopover in Nuku Ľalofa, Tonga, I wanted to try and see fishing pigs and fruit bats.  Neither proved all that easy.  Apparently the fishing pigs are mainly on the north side of the island (Tongatapu) and only can be seen at low tide.  The low tide, the location of the hotel, and a big storm made seeing them a challenge.  However, I did manage to see them by sheer chance off Vava Ľu at the Old Harbor. 

They were rooting in the sand, but not swimming or in the water, so "fishing pigs" is probably over-selling what's happening.  Still interesting to see them though.


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