Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Common Zebra

As a horse lover, of course I have a soft spot for Zebras.  My favorite are Grevy's zebras, but those are endangered and hard to see; I have only seen them in Samburu National Park in Kenya.  On our Tanzania trip, we saw the much more common "Common Zebra" (so aptly named).  Although they may be common, I never get tired of seeing them. 

Young zebra have brownish stripes which get black as they mature.  The pattern on each zebra is supposed to be unique, though I can only tell the difference between them if I look really closely!  Smaller than horses, zebras have really cool calls to one another - sort of a cross between a donkey and a hiccup.  This photo is of a herd we came across in Norongoro Crater.

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