Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blue Monkeys in Tanzania

My long awaited trip to Tanzania and Rwanda finally took place in June and early July of this year.  My main goal was to take my husband to Africa for the first time, and hopefully have him fall in love with Africa, as I did on my first trip there in 2005.  He was reluctant to go to Africa, but he did enjoy it and would do it again, so I am glad that I got to go there with him and I look forward to the time we can go again.  Since it is a costly and time consuming venture, I am sure it won't be soon, but there are many places I would like to see in Africa that I haven't been to yet, and an ever growing list of places there I'd like to go back to as well.  This particular safari was not the best I have ever had in terms of wildlife viewing, but it was good all the same with a wide variety of animal species and some varied habitats, and it was an enjoyable trip.

The first park we visited was Lake Manyara in northern Tanzania.  Very near the park entrance we ran into some blue monkeys.  We saw blue monkeys several times within the park, and again later in the trip in Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania.   Of all the blue monkey sightings we had, this is the best photo of a blue monkey I was able to take.  They reminded me of guenon monkeys as they have a very similar nose.  Their hair made me think of Lizzie the cat - both have hairs that are multi-colored within the same strand.  Males and females have slightly different sizes and shading.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will find time to post some of the best wildlife photos of the trip.

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