Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wildlife on the island of Aruba

We usually try to head to a beach somewhere, ideally on an island, for Christmas break, and beach vacations are not wildlife trips - though I love the snorkeling.  I never get good photos snorkeling though, so I've stopped trying.  I can't help notice any animals or wildlife we are lucky enough to encounter on land, however.  This year, we visited Aruba.  It had more to offer in the way of wildlife than many islands I have been to, but the culture of the island appears to be one that is geared towards partying, not nature appreciation.

Pictured here is a lizard with brilliant turquoise coloring.  I saw several of these in various sizes, and also several small brown lizards.  Also pictured is some red seedum in flower growing out of the white lava by the ocean shore in Arikok National Park, on cliffs above the ocean.

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