Saturday, August 14, 2010

Night Monkeys in the Amazon

One new species that I saw for the first time in the Amazon in Ecuador in June was "night monkeys."  I don't know if that is the official name or not, but we were in a small canal and went to the base of their tree at dusk and waited.  Eventually as it darkened four little night monkeys emerged.  I could see by flashlight only that they were smallish, fast moving monkeys.  During the daytime, we came upon another group of them sleeping in the hollow of a tree, and I got some photos - sort of.

I will say the photography was nearly impossible as we were always far from the animals, in a small canoe that was always moving, and trying to zoom in and get clear shot was nearly impossible.  If you look at these closely though (click to enlarge) you can see two moneys (look for eyebrows) in the hollow of the tree in the center.  One is closer, and one is a bit better focus but these are the same monkeys.

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